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Athlete Strength and Performance is a 3600 square foot, full-service training facility located in Shelby Township, Michigan. It was founded by Owner and Head Strength Coach/Personal Trainer Richard Tremblay in 2009. With his expertise, he has guided over 200 professional and amateur athletes.

Rich and his coaches believe that fitness, injury rehabilitation, and peak athletic performance are built from the ground up through functional, movement-based training. They don’t rely on lots of complicated machinery, unnecessary contraptions or gimmicks. Their focus is on exercises, training methodologies and equipment that strengthen the core, balance the musculoskeletal system, and improve upon the fundamental aspects of human movement.

Training Pillars


We stress safety and technical proficiency for each exercise and movement in our facility

Reduce Injuries

Keep each athlete healthy to meet the demands of their sport, through nutrition and periodization

Strength + Performance

Programming and Training protocols to Take Your Genetics To A New Level

ASP by the Numbers

Fire and Police
Teams Trained
  • Testimonial

    I’m in the best shape of my life

    Max Jones, London Knights (1st rd Pick - Anaheim Ducks 2016)

    I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with Rich for the past 3 years. His knowledge, training commitment and dedication are what helps me and guides me into becoming the best player I can be …

  • Testimonial

    Atmosphere is like no other facility

    Brendyn Pittman, Dakota Football

    "Working with Rich has allowed me to realize my full potential as an athlete and person. His logical and intelligent approach to training is a great fit for all athletes of all ages.

  • Testimonial

    Rich is the best in the business

    Matt Taormina, Tampa Bay Lightning

    Training with Rich has really helped my development, my speed and strength have made big gains every summer. The atmosphere at the gym is great, everyone who trains with him enjoys coming in and I really think he gets the most out of everyone…

Take Your Genetics To A New Level

Athletic Training
General Population Training
Performance Training
Positive Coaching

Core Training Principals


Does the exercise meet the demand of the sport


Programming appropriate stress/adaptation on the body and mind


Forcing the body to adapt by training in yearly scheduled periods

Cause and Effect

Push/Pull | Knee Dominate/Hip Dominate | Symmetry/Balance

Exercise Selection

20% of your exercises will produce 80% of your results

Least Effective Dose

Prescribe the least amount stress on the body to have the most effective results

Plans and Pricing

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Athlete Strength and Performance
50777 Mound Road
Shelby Township, Michigan, 48316

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Phone: 586-557-7895
email: info@athletesp.com

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Monday-Friday: 2pm-6pm
Saturday/Sunday: Closed

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